Taj Mahal, India


I know it is a cliche, but this place is pretty cool. 

Angor Wat, Cambodia


Wat time is it? Time to go to Cambodia! This is Angor Wat. Cambodia isn't known for it's vegan food. Actually it isn't known for anything other than Pol Pot, and that sucks. The Angor Wat is one of the wonders of the world. Imagine a temple complex the size of DisneyWorld, and you are just getting to how cool this place is. 

Machu Picchu, Peru


This is Maccu Picchu. No one knew what the secret behind this bad ass city in the clouds was until VEGAN ROAD TRIP went to "discover" it. Hey, if Columbus can say that he "discovered" America, then I can say that I "discovered" Peru!

Kyoto, Japan


Japan has been my home away from home for years now. Who knows, I might end up moving back there some day. 

Rome, Italy


Rome, the Eternal City. Rome kicks ass on every level- from cool things to see, to delicious food to stick in your mouth. I love Rome. If you haven't been there stop reading this and get on a plane already! Life is waiting for you to catch up!!

Somewhere in Afghanistan


Possibly one of the least vegan friendly countries that the VRT has ever travelled too, but it was a "blast." Thanks to Tofurkey and the wonderful people at "" for sending me food while I was there, Vegan Power!!